Choosing Incredible Restaurants

Romantic & Cheap Dinner Date Ideas in New York City

Going out to dinner doesn't have to be a super expensive and nerve wracking experience. You can have a great time in New York City without having to constantly go to super pricey Michelin started restaurants. In fact, those high end and exclusive places can often times make a normal night out a bit more tense than you would like. They are fine for those special occasions, but if you're just going out then it might actually be overkill. But they oftentimes are the ones listed as the most romantic places to go. However, there are plenty of less expensive places you can look to that have just as much romantic potential and they won't break your wallet. Here are three fun, cheap, and romantic places to consider.

Outdoor Food in the Park

One of the most romantic things you could do is have a picnic. And if you are not interested in a picnic basket and all of the accouterments that come along with that, then you could just hit one of the cities best take out shops. This might be anything from a classic falafel spot in the village, or a small bistro that makes handcrafted French style sandwiches. You can then go and hang out in one of the cities parks like Washington Square or Central Park to lay out in the sun and enjoy the day. You might even want to skip right to desert and hit one of the cities famous bakeries and pick up cupcakes and enjoy them al fresco.

A Spot With History & a Story

Another cool idea might be to find a place that has a lot of history and go there. You might want to visit one of the oldest pizzerias in the city, or you might want to visit an Irish Bar and Grill that has been a mainstay since the 19th century. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of places you can find that are famous and have a great history behind them but which are not going to charge you a lot of money.

Brick Oven Style Pizza Restaurants

One of the coolest places to consider is a classic pizza restaurant that has sit down service and has brick oven fired. These places are fantastic for a few reasons. First, you can often times order a customized pizza. This will allow you to get something unique, which is both fun and romantic. You want to be able to order something with your date for the two of you to share, something that will be unique. Secondly, the atmosphere of a brick oven place is in and of itself romantic. It will transform the normal pizza place into something much more substantial and enjoyable.