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Getting The Most From Burgers And Beer

If you're like many adults, you associate a nice juicy burger with a cold glass of beer. Although it's true that burgers and beer are a classic combination on the American culinary scene, not all beers are equal when it comes to pairing with a well-prepared burger — some things go together better than others. Now that burgers have been elevated from fast-food status, handcrafted hamburgers are popping up everywhere from neighborhood pubs to upscale restaurants, and several variations of traditional burgers have evolved.

The most popular style of beer to enjoy with a burger has traditionally been a light, crisp Lager, but certain other types of beer may be better with certain types of burgers. Following are five pairings designed to help you get the most out of burgers and beer. 

Bacon Cheeseburger 

The bacon and cheese add layers of flavor to the beef patty that call for a different style of beer than a plain lager. If you like dark beer, nothing goes better with a bacon cheeseburger than a good smoked Porter. The slightly smoky flavor provides the perfect complement to the bacon. If dark beer isn't your thing, go for a medium-bodied IPA.

BBQ Burger 

Burgers rubbed with dry barbecue seasoning before grilling and finished off with barbecue sauce before serving pair best with heavily malted beers because the malt complements the flavor of the barbecue seasonings and sauce. Try an Oatmeal Stout or a Scottish Amber Ale to match the deep, spicy flavors bring to the table. However, if a honey-based barbecue sauce has been used, the perfect pairing partner is a Honey Cream Ale. 

Swiss Mushroom Burger

Mushrooms contribute to an earthy flavor profile that goes well with Swiss cheese. The best kind of beer to enjoy with this burger is a medium-bodied Amber Ale because it's got earthy undertones that bring out the flavor of the mushrooms and also goes well with aged cheeses such as Swiss. You could also enjoy it with a tangy Summer Ale.

Veggie Burger

Veggie burgers have been around for a long time, but their quality has increased substantially in recent years. To taste their best, however, they need to be paired with the right beer. Wheat-based beers such as Hefeweizen go best with this type of burger.

Classic Burger

There are times when nothing beats the iconic pairing of a traditional burger and a glass of cold, crisp Lager. After all, things become classics for a reason. When the occasion calls for a taste of tradition, you can't go wrong with a classic burger and a cold glass of Lager.