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Tips For Hosting Your Business Guests At A Private Dinner Party

If you have clients or customers coming in from out of town, you might be looking to kick off the festivities by taking everyone out to dinner on the night they arrive. If you want to ensure everyone is comfortable and has a good time, you might want to book a private space at a local restaurant. But hosting a private event like this is easier said than done. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you wish to book private parties at a local restaurant or another venue in order to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Get Diet Considerations in Advance

One of the best reasons to host a large party or meeting at a local restaurant is that the venue you choose will obviously be able to take care of all of the catering for you. But all restaurants will need guidance in this area so that they can create a menu all of your guests will enjoy. You should reach out to all invited guests prior to the meeting to inquire about diet considerations. For example, you don't want your vegan guest, or your guest on a diet to get to the restaurant and see there is nothing on the menu that will be a good fit for their lifestyle. Get this information in advance and the restaurant venue can pass it on to the head chef in order to ensure that everyone will leave satisfied.

Figure Out the Game Plan for Discussing Business So People Aren't Distracted

When you host a private dinner party at a local restaurant, there may be opportunities to serve multiple courses of meals as well as dessert. But if this is an opportunity for business first and foremost, make sure you coordinate your schedule with the restaurant so people can stay focused on business as needed. For example, you could tell the restaurant you will arrive at a certain time but you don't want the first course to arrive until an hour later. Alternatively, you could ask for a break in between each course so that people have an opportunity to socialize. What you are trying to avoid is a situation where someone is trying to talk business while others are busy feeding their faces.

Ask for a Secluded Spot if Necessary

If you will be discussing sensitive business manners, ask the restaurant of your choice to set you up in the most private area they have available. This will keep you away from other guests in a public area of the restaurant and your business partners can feel free to talk freely without worrying about eavesdropping.

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