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Need A New Fryer For Your Restaurant?

A fryer can allow you to cook a wide variety of different foods. A fryer can help you expand the food that you are offered at your restaurant. If your restaurant needs a new fryer, there are a few different things you need to consider. You need to consider the amount of BTU the fryer produces, where you want to put the fryer, and what style of fryer you want. 

The Amount of BTUs

BTUs measure the amount of heat that it takes for the fryer to get back up to the right temperature after food is lowered into the fryer. You want a fryer that is capable of heating back up to the right temperature quickly. You don't want a fryer that is going to take a long time to recover when you are running a restaurant and you need to cook your food in a quick and timely manner.

Location of the Fryer

Second, you need to consider the location of the fryer. You can put it on your countertop, or you can get a floor model.

Countertop fryers are designed for light-duty work. For example, if you only offer one dish that needs to be fried, a countertop fryer could work for your kitchen set-up. They are great when you don't have enough floor space.

Floor model flyers are for more standard or heavy-duty frying. They are great if you serve a wide variety of fried foods, such as French fries, onion rings, calamari, and chicken strips, on your menu. Floor models are made for use in commercial kitchens.

Style of Fryer

Finally, you need to consider the style of the fryer that you want. Do you want an open-pot fryer, where you can see everything bubbling and cooking? This can be great for things such as French fries. Open-style fryers tend to be a little messier, so you will need to be more careful around the fryer and have a set procedure for keeping the area around the fryer clean.

Or do you want a tube-fired fryer, where everything is enclosed as it is frying? This can help make your kitchen space a little cleaner and can make clean-up a little easier.

When it comes to purchasing a new fryer for your restaurant, you need one that will heat up quickly when food is lowered into the fryer. You need one that fits in the space you have in your kitchen. You need a style that works for kitchen preparation. Work with a restaurant equipment supplier like Hy-Point Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Inc. to find the right fryer for your kitchen.