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Try A Bread Crumb Topping On Your Pizza

Every pizza lover has their favorite combination of toppings. You might enjoy a variety of meat products such as pepperoni, sausage, and bacon, or maybe you prefer some meatless options such as peppers, onions, and tomatoes. Whatever your preference, it can be enjoyable to visit a pizza restaurant that offers some toppings that you've not yet had — and perhaps not even heard about. One topping that may fit this description is a dusting of bread crumbs. While you've likely had bread crumbs on baked dishes such as macaroni and cheese, you may be excited to try them on a pizza. Sicilian-style pies often offer this topping choice, which can augment your dining experience in these ways.

Crisp Texture

The vast majority of pizza toppings are soft, which provides a contrast to the firmness of the crust below. The addition of bread crumbs to the top of the pizza — typically, the bread crumbs are the final topping added during the assembly process — offers a crisp texture on the top of your pie. You'll likely enjoy the variety of textures that are present. For example, you'll notice the crispness on top, followed by softer toppings below, and then the firmness of the crust. This can add more complexity to each bite you take.

Additional Flavor

Bread crumbs might not seem to have as much flavor as certain other pizza toppings, but you'll likely be surprised at just how much flavor they can add to your pie. As they cook, the bread crumbs' flavor intensifies. Often, they'll develop somewhat of a nutty flavor that a lot of people enjoy. At many pizza restaurants, the kitchen staff mixes various ingredients in with the bread crumbs. For example, you might find dried herbs, Parmesan cheese, and other ingredients. The result is a topping on the pizza that offers a high level of flavor.


It's fun to begin noticing the aromas of your pizza as it arrives at your table. You might be surprised at just how fragrant bread crumbs can be after they come out of the restaurant's oven, which can make for a rich, pleasant aroma as your server places the pizza on your table. If you visit a restaurant in which the server serves a piece of the pie to each member of your dining party, you'll enjoy the unique smell of the bread crumbs and be eager to dig into your first bite. Look for a pizza restaurant that offers bread crumbs as a topping to learn more.