Seafood Catering Ideas For A Daytime Special Event

When planning a special event, you'll need to decide on what type of menu you'd like to serve your guests. If you want to treat them to fresh seafood but are worried about breaking your party-planning budget, consider hosting a daytime event, as lunches are often less expensive than dinners.  When picking the perfect event food, consider using a local fresh seafood restaurant lunch menu as inspiration. You can either make the food yourself if you're planning a small, intimate party or hire the eatery to cater the event to avoid wasting time in the kitchen and on post-event clean up. [Read More]

Tips For Holding An Event At Waterfront Restaurant

If you want to to give your special event plenty of ambience, consider holding it at a waterfront restaurant. Not only can your guests enjoy a beautiful, peaceful view as they mix and mingle, they will also be treated to either fine or casual dining, depending on your preferences.  You can host almost any type of event at a beachfront or lakefront dining venue, such as a birthday party, a romantic anniversary soiree, a family or corporate holiday celebration, a baby or bridal shower, or even family or class reunions. [Read More]

Three Reasons to Open an Unopened Franchise in Your City

Most business owners want to own a business that will give them an immediate influx of cash. For this reason, you are likely to see the same type of restaurant franchises open within the city. If there is a currently unopened franchise that you may be interested in as a business owner, you may find it worth exploring. Here are three reasons why you should open a restaurant franchise that is totally new to your city. [Read More]

Dos And Don'ts Of Focusing On An Italian Angle For Your Pizza Restaurant

There's little question that when people think of Italian food, pizza is one of the first foods that come to mind. For this reason, many pizza restaurants choose to play up the Italian angle. While these establishments might not offer Italian cuisine beyond pizza, tying Italy in with the branding of the restaurant is a common choice. If you own a pizza restaurant and are doing some rebranding, here are some dos and don'ts of focusing on the Italian angle. [Read More]