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7 Must-Have Supplies & Equipment for a Seafood Restaurant

Seafood restaurant operation calls for specific types of restaurant equipment. Everything from electric shrimp cutters to oyster kettles can make the work much easier and lend to an efficient and productive seafood restaurant kitchen. Whether you are considering opening a seafood restaurant or you are simply curious about the equipment used for such an establishment, here is a run down on some of the more essential supplies that are commonly used:

1. Electric Shrimp Cutting and Deveining Device

An electric shrimp cutter and deveiner can make shrimp preparation so much easier in a commercial kitchen food prep station. A quality machine can be portable yet handle large loads. This device will cut large shrimp, as well as devein them for consumption. Most will feature a feeder tray, or the user may choose to insert the shrimp manually. These machines also feature various depths of rollers, including small, medium and large. Most will also come with a lubricant for the machine.

Shrimp cutters and deveiners can cost hundred dollars or more, which is why it is most suited for restaurant applications. In a busy kitchen environment, the user may cut and devein up to several thousand shrimp per hour. Some models feature a self adjusting mode which adjusts to cut various sizes of shrimp. These machines may be sold with a stand or the stand may be purchased separately.

2. Electric Shrimp Scaler

This type of equipment can be rather pricey, making it most suitable for commercial use. The electric shrimp scaler (sometimes referred to as a fish skinner) will typically be constructed of stainless steel, making it resistant to corrosion. The device makes it easy to quickly clean and scale or de-bone most any type of fresh fish for fillets and recipes.

3. Oyster Shucker

Oysters are a staple food in most seafood restaurants. Oyster shuckers are commonly used in this type of business. In simple terms, an oyster shucker will allow the user to remove the oyster meat from the shell, or expose the oyster meat. This device consists of a stainless steel body, with an elongated pointy knife or blade and rubberized "feet" that will grip the utility table. It's a more efficient way of shucking oysters rather than using a handheld cracker. It is also safer, as the ergonomic handle is comfortable to use when shucking high volumes of oysters.

4. Tuna Press and Strainer

When preparing tuna fish for sandwiches and recipes in a commercial seafood kitchen, this tool is a must-have. The device attaches to a food preparation sink for easy draining of the tuna. It also is used for canned salmon.

5. Oyster Kettle

This machine will help the user cook up fresh oysters and clams. It connects to a steam source for steam cooking. It is used for preparing seafood stews and gumbo, as well as steamed mussels. Some oyster kettles are sold as deluxe cabinet models. The cabinet kettles feature a sink, boiler base and steam control valve, as well as the kettle itself.

6. Trout Deslimer

Another expensive commercially used machine for seafood restaurants and kitchens. Basically, this free standing machine is used to remove bacteria from the fresh trout. It also rinses the fish through a water filtration system. For a restaurant or eatery that serves fresh trout, this machine is an essential piece of equipment. Many models feature a built in programmable mode.

7. Fish Filleting Machine

A heavy duty workhorse, a fish filleting machine can fillet up to several fish per minute. Many models feature an automatic back and belly trim mode. This eliminates the need for manual trimming of those areas. Most deluxe models will also feature programmable modes for selecting the type of fish to be trimmed. A touch screen makes it user friendly.