Seven Reasons To Visit Your Local Burger Joint Today

If you're like many people, you may not think of fast food as being particularly good. After all, the food from chain restaurants often ends up tasting the same no matter where you're at. However, your local burger joint is likely to be a cut above the usual fast food options. Today's local burger joints often uses fresh, handpressed burgers instead of frozen patties, and many purchase their produce from local farms.

7 Must-Have Supplies & Equipment for a Seafood Restaurant

Seafood restaurant operation calls for specific types of restaurant equipment. Everything from electric shrimp cutters to oyster kettles can make the work much easier and lend to an efficient and productive seafood restaurant kitchen. Whether you are considering opening a seafood restaurant or you are simply curious about the equipment used for such an establishment, here is a run down on some of the more essential supplies that are commonly used: