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Seven Reasons To Visit Your Local Burger Joint Today

If you're like many people, you may not think of fast food as being particularly good. After all, the food from chain restaurants often ends up tasting the same no matter where you're at. However, your local burger joint is likely to be a cut above the usual fast food options. Today's local burger joints often uses fresh, handpressed burgers instead of frozen patties, and many purchase their produce from local farms. They're also catering to a more demanding market by offering choices such as craft beer, sweet potato fries, natural sodas, and hand-spun shakes made from real ice cream. Following are just seven of the many great reasons to patronize your local burger joint today. 

You're Hungry

If you've had a long day at work or school, standing over a stove may not be an appealing way to spend the evening. Enjoying a meal at your local burger place or getting your food to go ensures that you get fed fairly quickly so that you're free to relax and enjoy the rest of your evening. 

You're Light on Funds 

Face it, one of the benefits of fast food is that it doesn't require a heavy wallet. If you're in the mood to eat out or to pick something up to enjoy at your home while returning from work or school but don't have much money to spend, fast food provides a great option. If you're feeding a family, you already know the importance of saving money on meals. 

You're Short on Time

Going to a local burger joint for a meal instead of eating at a standard restaurant can save you a significant amount of time. For instance, if you're on the road and don't want to spend an hour or more getting a meal, fast food is a great option. If you aren't traveling but are nonetheless pinched for time, fast food offers a convenient alternative to preparing a meal at home. 

It's a Neighborhood Institution

If you have fond memories of visiting the local burger joint with your parents, consider providing your children with the same type of cherished memories. There's something about a classic neighborhood burger joint that creates good memories for everyone. Because it's a neighborhood institution, you'll also enjoy seeing your neighbors and friends while dining out or picking up your call-in order which leads to an enhanced sense of community for your children. 

Fast Food Has Gotten Healthier 

Today's fast food is far healthier than its counterparts of the past. The industry has been listening to consumers and giving them what they want in the form of healthier menu options. You can find items such as salads, yogurt, low-fat milk, and fruit at most modern burger joints. Many fast food establishments have adopted healthier cooking methods as well such as switching to vegetable oil for frying instead of using traditional lard-based frying oils designed for commercial use. Another emerging trend in fast food is offering more grilled choices such as chicken breasts as opposed to just putting everything into the deep fryer. Your local burger joint may also have begun offering turkey or veggie burgers. 

You'll Know Exactly What You're Getting

Fast food places provide the nutritional information for each item while most other restaurants don't. This can help you make better dining decisions if you're trying to limit calories or items such as fats or starches. 

Burgers Contain Nutrients Your Body Needs

Red meat has gotten a bad rap in recent years, but it actually contains nutrients your body needs that can't be obtained by eating a plant-based diet. Many people who don't eat meat wind up with a deficiency of vitamin B-12. Other nutrients red meat has that aren't found in plants include creatine, which boosts energy in the brain and muscles, and carnosine, a powerful antioxidant that protects against many degenerative diseases.