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Fresh, Healthy Party Food Ideas

While most party food isn't typically synonymous with being healthy, you can create a menu that is both tasty and good for your friends and family members. Healthy party food doesn't have to be boring, as there are many ways that you can create a fresh and flavorful menu that will please everyone on your guest list. 

When designing the menu, you can use your favorite health food restaurants as inspiration, or even have it cater your party if your budget allows. A health food-inspired buffet spread will work for any type of special occasion, such as a holiday party, a baby or bridal shower, an anniversary soiree, or even a kid's birthday celebration. 

Serving the light and healthy delights buffet-style will allow guests to pick and choose their favorites or sample a bit of everything. When creating the menu, try to incorporate as many local, seasonal foods into the mix as possible for the best taste and maximum nutritional benefits. 

Here are some healthy food party ideas to get your started:

1. Salad Bar

Provide all of the ingredients that guests need to make their own filling and satisfying salads. Start with bowls of spring mix, baby spinach and peppery arugula, and then include a variety of colorful vegetables, such as red, yellow and green bell peppers, red onions, baby carrots, radishes and cherry tomatoes. You can also provide protein options, including chicken tenders, thinly-sliced steak, marinated tofu and beans.

Round out the do-it-yourself salad bar with crunchy toppings such as bacon bits, nuts, sunflower seeds and croutons, along with a variety of healthy dressings. Include olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh lemon juice as well. 

2. Design-Your-Own Pizza Bar 

With the right ingredients, pizza can be a healthy and fun meal option for guests of all ages. Provide freshly made pizza dough, and allow guests to design their own pies with a selection of toppings such as marinara sauce and shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese. 

Rather than greasy pepperoni and sausage, allow guests to pick from sliced peppers and onions, diced tomatoes, mushrooms and olives. Healthy protein ideas include marinated tofu and grilled chicken breast. 

3. Build-Your-Own Burger Bar 

Ideal for outdoor summer parties, a build-your-own-burger bar will include something for everyone. Grill up a selection of ground turkey and veggie burgers, along with some portobello mushrooms,  and serve them on whole wheat buns.

Allow party-goers to customize their burgers with tomatoes, onions, avocado and other healthy fixings. For a tasty take on healthy eating, visit Aubergine and Company.