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Six Reasons To Have A Family And Friends Pizza Party

Pizza parties are great fun. As if you don't yet have one slated for the near future, following are six excellent reasons to make room for one on your calendar.

It's the Last Day of School

What better way to celebrate the end of another successful school year than by gathering the clan and inviting in friends for a pizza party? If it's sunny, have the pizza delivered and feed everyone in your back yard. If the weather isn't cooperating, load them up and take them to your favorite pizza restaurant.

It's the First Day of School

Ease into the new school year by treating everyone to pizza at the end of that first day. Instead of slaving in the kitchen over a hot stove trying to get everyone fed, enjoy pizza with the crew and hear about their day.

It's the End of the Week

Getting together with a group of family and friends for a fun and relaxing pizza party is an excellent way to wind up the week. Friday nights always have a festive feeling, so gather everyone up and head to the local family pizza restaurant to get the weekend started off right. If you'd rather stay in, have the pizza delivered and schedule a lineup of your favorite movies.

It's the Beginning of the Week

Why not break with tradition and have your pizza party on a Monday night? If you decide to take family and friends out to your favorite pizza place, chances are it will be less crowded at the beginning of the week, making it a great option for those who would prefer to avoid crowds.

It's a Special Day

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days by throwing a pizza party. Because the majority of people love pizza, it's an excellent way to satisfy the tastes of a large or diverse guest list. Pizza parties also make it easy on the host -- all you've got to do is provide the setting and let someone else handle the food and drinks. You don't even have to provide the setting if you decide to have the party at the pizza place instead of at home or in the park.

It's an Ordinary Day

Why not transform a run-of-the-mill, ordinary day into a special occasion by adding a pizza party to the picture? Few things brighten up a humdrum day faster than sharing a pizza with a group of family and friends.