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Never Been To A Karaoke Cafe? Here's What You Want To Know

What could be more fun than the collaboration of good music and good food all wrapped up in one? This is exactly what karaoke cafes are founded on, and if you've never been, you are sure missing out. These places can be found in small towns and big cities across the US, and they are fun whether you like to sing karaoke or if you just like a lively atmosphere. Take a look at a few things you probably want to know if you have never been to a karaoke cafe so you will be ready for a visit to one in your area. 

Does everyone have to sing karaoke?

There is no rule about who sings karaoke and who doesn't at most of these places. It tends to be more like an "open-mike" sort of plan in which anyone who is willing to get up and sing a song can. However, some karaoke cafes will have certain people lined up to do karaoke for an evening event or weekend gathering. So don't worry, if belting out lyrics to your favorite song in front of strangers is not something you are into, no one will make you sing. 

What if you do want to try karaoke while you're there?

Most of the time, you will just sign your name on a guest registry so anyone who wants to sing can get their turn at the karaoke machine. If there is no sign-up sheet to sing, there will usually be someone manning the karaoke setup and asking for participants to come up as a spot opens up. Some of these cafes are so popular for amateur singers that their guest lineup can fill up quickly, so if you really want to sing at a popular cafe, make sure you get there early. 

How do you pick a song to sing karaoke?

Most of the time, you will be able to pick and choose from just about any song you can imagine, whether it's something silly like The Monster Mash or YMCA or something more serious like I Will Always Love You or Paint It Black. Because many of these karaoke cafes utilize an internet server to access karaoke lyrics and music, you probably won't have a hard time finding something you want to sing. However, do keep in mind that some cafes do theme nights, which means there will be a certain genre of music you may be able to pick from when you choose to get up and sing.