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What To Look For In A Fish Taco Restaurant

Tacos are a versatile Mexican dish that can be served on crispy deep-fried shells or more traditional soft tortillas. If you love seafood and tacos, you can get the best of both worlds by visiting a fish taco restaurant. Here are some things you can look for at a fish taco restaurant in order to have a delectable meal:

1. Fresh Fish

Fresh fish is a must-have for any good taco. When fish is fresh, it has less of a distinctive fishy odor. Fresh fish offers the best flavor, which is important when it's the star ingredient, as in fish tacos. Look for fish taco restaurants that advertise freshly caught fish. Many restaurants will offer daily specials that feature their catch of the day. Fresh crustaceans, such as crab and shrimp, can also be delightful when used for taco meat.

2. Variety

Fish tacos can be served in a number of styles. If you find yourself eating this dish often, you'll probably want to find a restaurant that offers a few different options. You can find variety in the type of fish used to create fish tacos. An ahi tuna taco will taste different than a taco made with mahi-mahi, for instance. However, you can also find variety in the type of seasonings used to enhance the fish used in your tacos. Some restaurants serve spicy, Mexican-style tacos, while other restaurants strive to achieve a lighter, more citrus-based spice profile.

3. Flavor-Enhancing Sauces And Toppings

Sauces and toppings can determine the difference between an ordinary fish taco and an extraordinary one. Crema is a traditional topping for tacos that adds a creamy richness to the otherwise heavy flavors. Fish tacos may use crema or a suitable substitute, such as tartar sauce. Lovers of spicy food may also want to find a fish taco restaurant that serves housemade hot sauce to give their meal a little extra kick.

4. Ambiance

The ambiance of a restaurant affects your overall dining experience, so it's important to choose a restaurant that will offer the type of eating experience you want. You can find fancy fish taco restaurants that offer a fine dining experience. If you're looking for takeout or something more low-key, you can find a more casual eatery. Waterside fish taco restaurants can be particularly delightful. Enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean can deepen your enjoyment of your fish taco meal.

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