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Why Are Pizza Restaurants So Popular?

If you've traveled or moved at all in your life, you've probably noticed a theme. Restaurants in every town and city are different, but there doesn't seem to be any town in the United States without at least one pizza restaurant. Some pizza restaurants are buffets. Some offer delivery. They come in a lot of formats, but the key unifying factor is that they all serve pizza. So, why are pizza restaurants so popular? Here are a few reasons.

Pizza is straightforward to make

Setting up a pizza kitchen is pretty simple from a restaurateur's perspective. You need some tabletop coolers for the toppings, counters where pizza makers can assemble the pies, and pizza ovens for baking. You can stack quite a few pizza ovens on top of one another as they're pretty skinny, which means you can make a lot of pizzas in a rather small kitchen. While some pizza restaurants do have fryers and sell deep-fried items, this is not a necessity. It's easier to set up a kitchen to make pizzas than it is to set one up for ramen, fine dining, or even bar-style cuisine.

Pizza appeals to most people

Some people don't like Asian cuisines. Other people don't love fried food. There are a few people who don't like pizza, but they are few and far between. Pizza simply appeals to young and old alike. As such, restaurant owners who open pizza shops are pretty much guaranteed that they'll have a customer base in whatever town they're in.

Pizza is easy to modify

Food trends are always changing. Dietary restrictions are often changing, too. Pizza is easy to modify as the times change. For example, now that gluten-free diets are more popular, pizza restaurants can make pizzas with gluten-free crusts. It's easy to make a vegan pizza with vegan cheese and veggies on the top. Other foods and cuisines are not as easy to modify.

Pizza ingredients are pretty simple and easy to come by

Especially over the past few years, supply chain issues have made some ingredients harder to come by in the U.S. There have been times when certain food ingredients are back-ordered or have longer delivery times. This isn't such a big issue with pizza since the ingredients are quite simple. And, the ingredients can be modified if need be. For example, if the restaurant owner cannot get in their normal mozzarella cheese, they can keep making pizza with a different cheese blend.

Pizza restaurants are popular for good reason. Keep this information in mind the next time you dine at one!