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Things You'll Find At A Dive Bar

If you enjoy visiting bars for a few drinks and are particularly keen on experiencing different types of bars, you might wish to check out a dive bar in your area. While some people might think of this term in a pejorative way, the reality is that many bars proudly identify themselves as dive bars. If you haven't attended a dive bar in the past, you'll likely find that it has a different vibe than many of the other establishments you've frequented. While dive bars can vary a little, here are some things that you'll commonly find when you visit.

Affordable Drinks And Food

One of the prime traits of a dive bar is that it offers drinks and food at affordable prices. While certain trendy bars can be a pricey way to spend an evening, it's possible to enjoy a few hours at a dive bar without spending very much money. Dive bars often have specials on beer, and you might be surprised at how little it will cost you to split a pitcher of beer with one or more friends. The food is also on the affordable side, which can be ideal if you typically enjoy some appetizers or other light fare when you're having some drinks.

No-Frills Decor

While some bars heavily invest in their decor, this isn't typically the case with a dive bar. The no-frills environment tends to have a cozy, welcoming feel that many people find appealing. You might notice that the bar stools don't match one another, or that there are different types of tables throughout the venue. Dive bars often have posters and neon signage from various drink manufacturers, and some of these things might be extremely old. A lot of dive bars have a consistent look year after year. You could visit the same establishment a decade from now and realize that it looks almost identical to when you first visited.

Regular Patrons

Another common trait of a dive bar is that you'll often see the same patrons if you visit regularly. These bars are popular among the working-class community, so it's common to see people who stop by for a drink and a meal after work, perhaps several nights a week. Trendy bars don't have the same vibe; lots of people who enjoy these environments are constantly looking for new and different bars to visit. At dive bars, many of the patrons are known as "regulars," which can often make for a welcoming environment — especially after you visit a few times. Look online for a dive bar in your area. 

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